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Viva La Mamma

With Viva La Mamma ready to eat pastas, you don’t have to compromise on exceptional quality and taste when you want convenience. Each delicious variety uses fresh, simple ingredients that are never frozen to make authentic Italian meals. When your day is way too busy to spend hours in the kitchen, Viva la Mamma is your secret to making something delicious, super fast.

This recipe hails from Amatrice, a small city in the center of Italy, where the sauce was created. Due to the close relationship between Rome and Amatrice, in the 19th Century this dish became widely popular in the capital city and eventually became a classic of Roman cuisine.
The Bolognese, also commonly referred to as Ragù, dates to the 16th Century – and “Ragu” is derived from “ragoutier”, meaning to “reawaken the appetite”. This phrase was associated with dishes of stewed meat with abundant sauce and flavoring, that was also used to accompany pasta dishes. The Bolognese flavor definitely livens things up.
Pesto sauce originated in the 16th century in Genova, located in northern Italy. It traditionally consists of crushed garlic, basil and pine nuts blended with cheese and olive oil (just reading these ingredients can make your mouth water). In Genova, the true way to make pesto sauce is to actually use a marble mortar and a wood pestle – now that’s old-school.